Complete control of your data for Industry 4.0

Build Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for your industrial data with MaestroHub
Self-diagnosed, scalable and secure data governance platform

Decision making requires clean data

MaestroHub creates a smart data layer as unified namespace through connecting IT and OT data to gain insights. Achieve current state of the business and find productivity opportunities with always clean data.

Hub for all data flows, connect with a few clicks

Integration effort decreases from weeks to minutes with smart data layer

Data health insights, always clean data

Data cleaning and preparation
vanishes with real-time automated contextualization

Drag & Drop, no code technology

Code when you need it, No-Code when you don’t. Turn every employee to citizen analysts.

Data is the Most Valuable Commodity

MaestroHub empowers process owners to make decision based on a 360-degree view on current state of the business without needing dedicated data analysts.



No data should be left behind

  • Connect data sources with 30+ industrial protocols
  • Create inputs or outputs with a few clicks
  • Validate data instantaneously


Create your data fabric

  • Define data types
  • Link inputs with drag & drop
  • Ensure data quality
  • Real-time data preparation before sharing with any application


Transfer when you want

Manage your data flows

  • Create rules
  • Govern data flows
  • Sharing information to multiple end points
  • Drag & Drop also support JavaScript expression
  • Visualize data sources and flows

Data Ontology & Data Health Insights


✓ Aware of your data sources and flows
✓ Live diagnostics of data flows and connections
✓ Infrastructure tracking dashboard


✓ Hierarchal Model
✓ Information models
✓ Data flow model
✓ Identify and re-use present data
✓ Flexible to make changes

Built for IT/OT Convergence

Architect your digital strategy based on technology.
On-prem, Cloud or Hybrid, MaestroHub tech stack supports all.

Open Architecture

Integrates with every vendor, no proprietary technology


All modules work as drag&drop Code with JavaScript if you need


Parallel computing
Server requirements increase horizontally

Easy to Maintain

Updates easily managed with Kubernetes, highest uptime due to parallel servers


Minimum payload with MQTT
OT Network traffic friendly


The intelligence pushes the payload support 50ms data transfer

Report by Exception

Send data when it changes
Monitor all connections in real-time


Include new data to models in seconds, send to multiple targets simultaneously

Use Cases

textile factory


bottles in a milk factory


automotive factory


Maestro Hub Standard

This pricing is for on-prem. Cloud selection does not include operating costs. Additional vCPU is sold from 125 € per month. The recommended infrastructure supports up to 30 million flows/day.

The recommended infrastructure

Recommended Infrastructure starting from 36 core vCPUs. Please contact us for additional information.

Prices shown are subject to applicable tax. Prices and limits for VCPUs may be updated from time to time on this webpage.

Non-euro Pricing: Actual price may vary. Prices displayed are estimates based on current exchange rates. The exact amount charged will vary and depends on the exchange rate at the time of payment processing. Prices displayed exclude any applicable taxes and fees, which will be added to the cost of all services purchased. For exact base pricing, please refer to prices listed in euros.