Use Cases

textile factory

Textile Industry

A textile manufacturer specialized in yarn production aims to maintain its prestigious brand position by achieving total shopfloor transparency with single source of truth architecture.

Pain Point

Reducing the integration effort between different stand-alone products and retraction of new enterprise-facility-shopfloor level combined data governance projects without vendor lock-in.


MaestroHub enables to break of the isolation of digital tools and master data governance, creating total transparency of data flow.


While the data is collected and processed as raw data, it can be directed to the desired digital tool by making real-time contextualization in the data source with MaestroHub. Facility, shopfloor, and enterprise level tools’ data are packed into modeled information to visualize on dashboards and create harmony among maintenance, quality, production and planning systems

Food Industry

A food manufacturer aims to trace the utility cost of production in granular process cost mapping to visualize the opportunities in continuous improvement

Pain Point

Increasing energy cost in the market affects cost of product. Cost-saving opportunity visualization provides alerts to optimize energy consumption of production according to planning.


MaestroHub enables to contextualize production parameters and utility costs in real-time visualization for optimization opportunities.


Using process cost mapping, energy loss during production per batch is addressed. Energy management for production is prioritized with cost saving opportunity visualizations.

bottles in a milk factory
automotive factory

Automotive Industry

Global OEM aims to create digital twin for machining operations to optimize the cycle time and consumable cost of production.

Pain Point

While studying digital twin project, team spend most of the time on data quality assurance. Reducing the cleanup and preparation time for processing is the challenge.


MaestroHub enables to contextualize machining parameters to ideally modeled and provide user friendly interface for team to master the data.


MaestroHub allowed the team to automate data cleaning and preparation while data occur at the source in real-time. Once the team has created the modeling and flow framework, only tracks the data health and information flow with a real-time insight interface.

Maestro Hub Standard

This pricing is for on-prem. Cloud selection does not include operating costs. Additional vCPU is sold from 125 € per month. The recommended infrastructure supports up to 30 million flows/day.

The recommended infrastructure

Recommended Infrastructure starting from 36 core vCPUs. Please contact us for additional information.

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