About Us

We have a dream of minimizing time to value for manufacturers with real-time insights from industrial data.

We onboard amazing people who share this dream and contribute to the creation of MaestroHub, a product that we are proud of.

Our collaborative success is built on 5 core values: Defining a New Category, Empowering Autonomy, Diligence, Candor, and Teamwork at its best. We foster an environment of innovation and share what we learn.


Our team refined their 40+ years combined experience in the fields of software development, implementation & launch, data acquisition, project management, and consulting to build MaestroHub with one motto in mind:

“Organize the industrial data, make it accessible and usable!”

 Creating an intelligent data layer, a hub for industrial data governance, MaestroHub provides Single Source of Truth to manufacturers. Current state of the business is accessible as a unified namespace where all structure and events live in this broker.

MaestroHub with easy-to-use drag&drop capabilities  provides self-diagnostic insights and help organizations to manufacture productively and sustainably.

Our Vision

Minimize time to value for manufacturers with real-time insights from industrial data

Our Mission

Creating an open architecture platform for manufacturers to organize the industrial data for efficient and sustainable production​

Let’s Meet Our Team

Yasir Tunçer

Chief Executive Officer

Barış Velioğlu

Chief Technology Officer

Aras Yiğit Çakmak

Chief Delivery Officer

Maestro Hub Standard

This pricing is for on-prem. Cloud selection does not include operating costs. Additional vCPU is sold from 125 € per month. The recommended infrastructure supports up to 30 million flows/day.

The recommended infrastructure

Recommended Infrastructure starting from 36 core vCPUs. Please contact us for additional information.

Prices shown are subject to applicable tax. Prices and limits for VCPUs may be updated from time to time on this webpage.

Non-euro Pricing: Actual price may vary. Prices displayed are estimates based on current exchange rates. The exact amount charged will vary and depends on the exchange rate at the time of payment processing. Prices displayed exclude any applicable taxes and fees, which will be added to the cost of all services purchased. For exact base pricing, please refer to prices listed in euros.