Under the Hood

Fast, User-Friendly, and Intelligent Technology

Blazing Speed

Experience unparalleled performance with the most efficient multi-threaded programming. Fast, reliable, and ready to scale.

Intuitive Frontend

We’re dedicated to making technology accessible to everyone, regardless of coding expertise. Our Intuitive Frontend is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, offering No Code & Low Code solutions along with easy-to-use Drag & Drop functionality.

Smart Data Handling

We redefine handling with a smart and efficient approach. Our platform leverages cutting-edge technologies, including MQTT Pub-Sub, to ensure data flows seamlessly without the need for polling. Additionally, our edge-driven philosophy optimizes data processing for maximum efficiency.


We believe Industry 4.0 companies conquer information via proactive problem-solving. That’s why we go beyond just logging. We empower your system with an intelligent self-diagnostic capability driven by Prometheus.

Open Architecture

Open Architecture is the cornerstone of our technology. MaestroHub embraces interoperability, offering a flexible platform where diverse systems and applications connect effortlessly. By enabling seamless integration, we empower you to build upon and extend functionalities without constraints.

Lightweight, report by exception, edge-driven, and open architecture which are quite well-served with EMQX. Complemented with queue, stream, and cache with NATS and Redis.

MaestroHub stores metadata of connections, instances, flows, etc. using MongoDB as our NoSQL DB.

We utilize open-source technologies to fuel MaestroHub and MaestroHub fuels manufacturers’ decision-making with clean, contextualized information as unified namespace.



Data Freedom, Your Way

At MaestroHub, we believe your data should be where you want it. That’s why we don’t lock you into a single storage system. Instead, we offer the freedom to choose from a diverse pool of data storage solutions. MaestroHub can seamlessly push your data to the storage system of your choice.

Why it matters:

Flexibility: Pick the storage solution that suits your needs, whether it’s cloud-based or on-premises

No Compromises: You’re not limited by our choices; you’re empowered to make yours.

Scalability: Adapt and scale your data storage as your business grows, without constraints.

Limitless Scalability with Kubernetes

At MaestroHub, we take scalability to the next level. Our platform is purpose-built for high scalability, and we deploy it on both Kubernetes on the Cloud and Kubernetes on Edge

What this means for you:

Effortless Scaling: Handle increasing workloads with ease as our platform seamlessly scales up or down to match demand.

Reliability: Kubernetes ensures your applications are always available, even during peak traffic.

Cost Efficiency: Pay only for the resources you use, optimizing your infrastructure costs.

With MaestroHub on Kubernetes, your applications are prepared for success, no matter how large your ambitions grow.

Maestro Hub Standard

This pricing is for on-prem. Cloud selection does not include operating costs. Additional vCPU is sold from 125 € per month. The recommended infrastructure supports up to 30 million flows/day.

The recommended infrastructure

Recommended Infrastructure starting from 36 core vCPUs. Please contact us for additional information.

Prices shown are subject to applicable tax. Prices and limits for VCPUs may be updated from time to time on this webpage.

Non-euro Pricing: Actual price may vary. Prices displayed are estimates based on current exchange rates. The exact amount charged will vary and depends on the exchange rate at the time of payment processing. Prices displayed exclude any applicable taxes and fees, which will be added to the cost of all services purchased. For exact base pricing, please refer to prices listed in euros.